Director: Gaspar Noe
Stars: Paz De La Huerta, Nathaniel Brown, Ed Spear
Complex co-sign: French provocateur Noe’s experimental meditation on the afterlife is overlong, bloated, and amazingly creative. There’s seriously no other film like it. With so many wretched 3D movies coming out in 2010, it figures that Enter the Void, the year’s most 3D-worthy flick, wasn’t compatible with goofy plastic glasses. Heads would’ve spun if the film’s visually enhanced drug trips and swooping first-person POV shots were seen in three dimensions. No other critically lauded film in 2010 featured both a close-up look at an abortion and hardcore sex punctuated by laserbeam-covered semen. Thank god Noe’s directorial skills are masterful; otherwise, we’d be scarred for life.