sniperIt's official: The scourge of FPS gaming totally legitimate practice of quickscoping has been gimped in Call of Duty: Black Ops. We're gonna celebrate by running around in the open like a noobish chicken. GO ON, FUCKERS, SHOOT. [Gameranx]

The fancy gentlemen over at Wired have compiled a list of risky moves that changed gaming forever. Wait, no Nintendo Power Glove? Without that, we wouldn't have that dust-covered thing in the garage! [Game Life]

Part of Microsoft's brazillion-dollar marketing campaign for the Kinect appears to be asking hairsprayed matrons to gyrate on the Home Shopping Network. And if you need us, we'll be in our office holding a flamethrower to our eyes. [Kotaku]

When Microsoft bought Mac game developers Bungie back in the day, some guy named Steve was so distraught that he vowed to wear nothing but black mocknecks until the end of time. [Develop Online]

Apparently, Silly Bandz are becoming a video game. As long as we're making games about things that fit snugly around our wrist, how about Ya Mom for the DS? What, too crass? [Joystiq]