It's a lot to ask, we know. You may not even have a PSP. If you do, it probably hasn't been charged in months. But if you consider yourself a gamer, don't sleep on Valkyria Chronicles II. The first Valkyria Chronicles was the underappreciated secretary, the Allison Sheedy from The Breakfast Club, the dead prez album of video games. For whatever reason—bad marketing, lack of mainstream appeal, etc.—VC's sales didn't reflect the quality of the game. So here's the deal: in celebration of VCII's release, we're going to run down a list of some of the most slept-on, high-quality games in (quasi) recent memory. You've got a long weekend coming up, might as well try a couple of these titles out if you haven't already. It's not like we're the Gestapo Parents trying to shove broccoli and lima beans and Cold War ideals down their kids' throats, we're just asking you to try something different—something that manages to be both nutritious and freakin' awesome.

Complex Says: Hey, we're not going to co-sign VCII without telling you why the first one is a must-play. Yeah, the art style is anime-heavy, but the game itself looks like a moving, hand-painted canvas. Once you look past the weeaboo wet dream art direction, you can delve into the rock-solid gameplay, which is like one of those rare uncrappy Asian fusion restaurants. Chop up the western Gears of War shooter style perspective and meld it together with interspersed RTS ingredients and deep strategic elements. Then sprinkle an epic alternate-timeline post-WWII story with strong character development on top, and serve with an excellent soundtrack. That's Valkyria Chronicles. Now go find a copy.


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