Microsoft had been kind of wishy-washy in regards to its forthcoming Xbox platform, f.k.a. Project Natal, but that's just because they weren't sold on the name. E3's biggest news thus far is the relaunch: Kinect, the newer, realer version of the Wii-killer. Welcome to Minority Report. [Engadget]

Apple unveiled its new Mac Mini with an aluminum unibody design, HDMI, and an SD card reader. Still not 100 on what it's for, but all of this sounds good. [Engadget]

Good news for aspiring stalkers and location-based muggers! Twitter has added locations to posts. [NYT Bits Blog]

Starbucks is set to offer free wi-fi. Next step is for those dudes to stop selling less-expensive coffee, and we are totally there. [PC World]

AT&T's iPhone4 pre-order system might be crashing, but at least you don't have to wait with the masses in line like the Tokyo crew. [Business Insider]

The Mad Decent app is way better, but if you want to get your World Cup annoyance on, download the vuvuzela horn to your iPhone. [Techland]