Slim Says: Jesse shouldn't be hidin' in town. He shoulda been got outta there, quick than a mufucka, and hit the road, 'cause they on his ass and e'rybody know it. Mike let it be known he's tryna get rid of him. The plan to kill Gale, I dunno. Like I say, Gus a businessman, so if they do kill Gale and Gus don't have the recipe for that shit, they definitely gon' need Walt. That's crazy though, for him to try to take power like that. So what's gon' happen next, if Jesse do kill Gus? They do need Walt. They gon' let him go home? They gon' fuck around and keep his ass locked up, make him cook. "You gon' show me the recipe or you gon' die." But shit, plotting to kill Gale? Walt, he Hiesenberg for real now! He put on his hat and e'rything! He gangsta now. He like, "Fuck it, we in the game now, we gotta do this shit."