Colors fly past your eyes faster than your brain can process them. Music blares in the background. Someone screams out “ECSTASSSSEEEEEE!!” Chances are you’re either tripping balls at a terrible rave in the Mojave Desert or at a Guitar Hero competition, watching Bay Area native Annie “Ecstacy” Leung shred through a vicious solo. With all due respect to psychotropics, we’ll take the latter option. Already a member of the Evil Geniuses gaming crew for her Unreal Tournament 3 prowess, Annie has been steadily attaining Guitar Hero fame over the past couple of years via competitions, exhibitions, and YouTube videos. She even does lessons! We chatted her up to find out more about how she leveled up to Legendary status, how she deals with creepy fanboys, and if she’d even date another gamer.

As told to Ryan Woo