<script src=""></script> Contrary to what many of us think, Cinco de Mayo does not actually mark Mexican Independence Day (that's Sept. 16). The holiday was originally celebrated to commemorate the 1862 Battle of Puebla that Mexico fought and won against the advancing French army. The holiday has evolved over time, and now it is a reason for Americans to go nuts and celebrate Mexican pride on what is usually a beautiful spring day. This year, as an alternative to the margarita, we point you in the direction of the Michelada, a refreshing Mexican beer cocktail.

Chef Roberto of the restaurant Fonda in Park Slope, Brooklyn takes us through this Mexican beverage in the video above. Micheladas are refreshing, taste great, and they go well with all types of warm-weather foods. Check out Chef Roberto's Michelada recipe, made with Negra Modelo, and view our video on How to Make a Michelada. Either make one yourself, or head to Fonda to have them make one for you—but please, please make sure you try this drink. It is awesome.

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