tomtom_darthvader_new WHAT: Star Wars Darth Vader voice upgrade for TomTom navigation devices.

PRICE: $13

FUN FACT: In addition to Snoop Dogg, TomTom users can also download the voices of Burt Reynolds, KITT from Knight Rider, Homer Simpson, and George W. Bush.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: TomTom knows most of us go through great pains to limit the amount of vocal guidance we get from our navigation systems. Seriously, It's hard to listen to music when your GPS is beeping and telling you to make the next left. To make it more bearable, TomTom came up with a new revenue model voices that they think would be more pleasing to the ear. The first noticeable one was the Snoop Dogg voice, and now they've come through with a series of Star Wars-based voices to help guide you to your destination. First up in the four-part Star Wars series, which will include C-3PO, Yoda and Hans Solo (sorry, no Jar Jar Binks—maybe that'll come in the David Duke voice pack), is Mr. All-Black-Everything, Darth Vader. (Is that you, James Earl Jones? We're not sure.) The voice-overs will work with most TomTom devices and is available now. If you're still iffy, check below to hear two samples and a Buy It Now link.

Sample #1:
Sample #2:
CLICK here to BUY IT NOW at Tom Tom, $12.95

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