DRAMA: HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA, 10 PM SUNDAY, HBO and BREAKING BAD, 10 PM SUNDAY, AMC. The two best shows of the weekend are on at the same time, but you'll figure it out. It's the HTMIIA season finale, while BB just gets better and better as shit gets worse and worse for its characters.

SPORTS: DUKE VS. UNLV (1990 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP), 8 PM FRIDAY, ESPN CLASSIC. Yes the Final Four is Saturday night, the Yanks and BoSox begin the baseball season Sunday night, and there's great NBA action Friday night (Cavs-Hawks and Jazz-Lakers), but for Duke haters, there's nothing better than UNLV's throttling of the Blue Devils in the 1990 national championship a.k.a. the Game Bobby Hurley Missed 'Cause He Had the Runs.

MOVIES: THE LIBERTINE, 8:30 PM FRIDAY, IFC and SUGAR, 7:00 PM SATRUDAY, HBO SIGNATURE. Johnny Depp plays the thoroughly debauched Earl of Rochester in the 17th century kinky sex period piece Libertine, while baseball season is celebrated with last year's low-key gem Sugar, about the journey of a phenom Dominican pitcher in the minor leagues.

DOCUMENTARY: WHY PLANES CRASH: BREAKING POINT, 8 PM SUNDAY, MSNBC. Ever wonder why airplane wings don't just snap off during turbulence? Stock tip: Buy Amtrak shares!