No, this isn't us. Relax.

Well, the day is finally here, and tonight marks the inaugural Complex Game Night on Xbox Live, when Complex staffers and readers can get it in on the game of their choice. And thanks to last week's voting, that game is Modern Warfare 2. Big surprise there, right? We'll be on from 9-11 EST or so, so hopefully we can get all time zones represented and get some Cali love in there as well. Anyway, just read on after the jump for how to get involved—and we'll see you online. Lock and load, people!

Okay, if you've never done this before, it's easy:

1. If you haven't already, send a friend request to ComplexMag on Xbox Live.

2. Once you're online, view ComplexMag's gamer card.

3. Go to the "Personal Profile" tab, and select "View Friends." Everyone there is fair game—just invite them to a game or party, or join them in session on MW2 if they're joinable. We're thinking Team Deathmatch and Domination, just to keep it as communication-friendly as possible. And turn that mic on—tonight should be about fun and talking smack, not running around like an autistic kid with a gun.

4. Oh, and you don't need the new maps. We're not gonna be using them, since we don't think you should have to spend an extra $15 just to trash-talk some Complex editors.

5. No fucking noob tubes w/Danger Close. C'mon fam, that shit is lame.

6. Start pwning. PEW PEW!