WHAT: JBL OnTime 200ID iPod Dock


PRICE: Retail: $200, $179.95 from Amazon.com

FUN FACT: Before founding JBL, James Bullough Lansing started another prominent audio company that is now known as Altec Lansing.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: Imagine how much better your day would be if, tomorrow morning, you were awoken by one of your favorite albums or mixtapes which continued to play, in crisp, clear quality, while you got ready for whatever you had planned. Seems like an awesome way to start the day, yeah? Yeah, we think so, too. That's why we find today's Buy It Now, the JBL OnTime 200ID so dope. Built around the same tech as JBL's OnStage 200, the OnTime simply adds a digital clock and alarm clock features that allows you program the alarm to play either an alarm sound, the radio (FM or AM) or your iPod. The system is small, but the sound huge, able to properly fill, not your entire apartment, but definitely your room and the surrounding area. Thanks to some of JBL's patented tech, you get bass deeper than you'd expect from such a small device as well as clear highs. And although it's built for the iPod line, it still shows love for the other breeds of audio players: thanks to an auxiliary port, you can play whatever you want through the 200ID. The only drawback? Well, at $200 it's a tad pricey, and depending on what song plays in the morning, you may just spark something and say eff work. Either way, it's still dope. Hit the jump to see a detailed photo and Buy It Now Info...

<!--more-->CLICK HERE to BUY IT NOW for $179.95 from Amazon.com.


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