What is it about a perfectly done horror movie? You can't say there's a single way to do it: some use the time time-tested hot-chick-in-distress formula, some hinge on graphic displays of gore and disembowelment that make you recoil (even though keep watching, you sick bastard), and some simply shake you to your core...and in some cases drive you to therapy. But however a good scare flick works, it works, and in the process creates what are arguably your most vivid movie traumas memories. Ghosts, possessed kids, mutant killers, zombies—everyone has their own fear button, and everyone can have theirs pressed. Everyone. Point is, you may not find every movie in our collection of 50 to be paralyzingly creepy, but no matter who you are, best believe that there's at least one in here that'll haunt your dreams and seriously threaten your bladder control. But enough talking—it's Halloween time, so man up and click the image below to relive some of the scariest joints Hollywood (and France, and Spain, and low-budget filmmakers) has ever churned out.

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