Cocaine is more than a drug you wasted your parents' money on during college. It's also a drug that many celebrities waste their money on—and we all know this, man. With that said, it's still quite a sight when someone famous is dumb enough to get caught in pictures or video with the infamous white powder.

The latest star to have his coke use documented is Ryan Ross, who's had a helluva week: on Monday, he split from band Panic At The Disco, and then yesterday, the picture above surfaced. The drama unfolded when one of the hotties he's pictured with posted the photo on Facebook. Smart. We could have guessed that Ross was snorting something after watching a PATD video, but you still have to keep that on the low, son. Keep reading to check out five more celebs who were caught on tape with that white girl...Christina Aguilera!


YEAR: 2005
• A model doing coke? No way! Especially one dating Pete Doherty at the time. Sarcasm aside, this sucks because whichever model replaced Moss when she lost her modeling contracts was probably just better at hiding her habit. No worries though, Moss shrugged off the scandal and is back like cooked crack.

YEAR: 2007
• The problem with Amy is choosing which documented yayo moment to highlight. Of course, there's this incident where she appears to take a bump on stage. But what about when she got down with the coca in a London club. Or when she hit a crack pipe for our viewing pleasure. Damn, girl, you need to do like Puba said: Slow down!