When we heard NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamines again, it really didn't come as much of a surprise. After all, Mayfield's latest arrest only goes to reinforce the stereotype that NASCAR is a sport filled with white trash tweak-heads who have a problem with speeding. We keeeeed!

Mayfield is hardly the first celebrity to fall victim to the rural bathtub drug. The truth is, deep, deep down, celebrities are ordinary people—except they have way more money for drugs, way more free time for drugs, and way more get out of jail free cards than the average Joe does when it comes to drugs. Don't believe us? Read on to see 10 celebs who love (or have loved) their crank, regardless of what Johnny Law has to say about it...


Jodie Sweetin
LOW POINT: The cast of Full House staged an intervention in 2004.
• A Tanner family intervention—how charmingly Hollywood. It's hard to imagine what Bob Saget and the Olsen twins could possibly say about the dangers of addiction, but somehow it pushed Sweetin into rehab.


Craig Robinson
LOW POINT: Arrested on June 29, 2008 for possession of meth, coke, and ecstasy.
The Office must be paying pretty well. We can't believe he did all three of 'em..."that's what she said!"


Nicole Bobek
LOW POINT: Arrested on July 7, 2009 for conspiracy to distribute meth.
• Making ends meet is tough when you're an unemployed figure skater who also has an affinity for crystal meth. Just because you're good on ice doesn't mean you should start selling it. Pow!


Eddie Van Halen
LOW POINT: Entered rehab in 2007 for several addictions, meth being one of them.
• Crazy Eddie is a legend. At least he didn't try to snort his father's dead ashes like Keith Richards did.


Yasmine Bleeth
LOW POINT: Entered rehab in 2000 for cocaine and meth addiction.
• At the height of her addiction, Bleeth says she would go on benders where she wouldn't sleep for up to five days. At the height of our addiction to watching her on Baywatch, we'd stare at her twos for up to five days.


Ryan O'Neal
LOW POINT: Arrested with son Redmond on September 17, 2008 for possession of meth.
• During a routine probation visit for a previous drug offense, Farah Fawcett's ex-husband was dragged off to jail with his son after authorities found meth strewn about the house. Dad of the year? We think not.


Ted Haggard
LOW POINT: On November 3, 2006, evangelical pastor Haggard admitted to the press he purchased meth from a male prostitute.
• Apparently when he wasn't berating homosexuals for not respecting the sanctity of marriage. Teddy spent his days cheating on his wife and getting cranked up with a male hooker named Mike Jones. Who?

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Tom Sizemore
LOW POINT: Arrested for possession of meth on May 8, 2007 while already on probation for a previous drug conviction.
• Sizemore just can't stay out of trouble. Dude has been arrested almost as many times as he's starred in movies. No like really, he's a drug addict. That's not funny.


Lalaine Vergara Paras
LOW POINT: Charged with possession of meth in July 2007.
• Lalaine starred in Disney's Lizzie McGuire as Miranda Sanchez, a character who struggles with anorexia. Hmm, chicken or the egg?


LOW POINT: Came clean about her meth addiction in September 2006.
• It's not clear why Fergie decided to admit to her nasty addiction years after she had gotten clean, but once you piss your pants in front of the world, what else do you have to be ashamed of? She claims that as a young actor constantly under the scrutiny of the public eye, she used the drug to "suppress feelings." Just say no, kids.