An Atlanta-based rapper says he watched his girlfriend get kidnapped at gunpoint just hours before she was found dead.

Atlanta authorities have released the 911 phone call from hip-hop artist Germ, who claims to have witnessed the abduction of 27-year-old bartender Mariam Abdulrabm. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the woman had called Germ, legal name Jerry Antoine, as she was driving to his home in southeast Atlanta. Germ reportedly saw Abdulrabm pull up to the residence before she was forced into an SUV by an armed gunman.

“My girlfriend just got out of a car and somebody just came and kidnapped her and left,” Germ told the dispatcher in the morning of Aug. 13. “I just watched her get kidnapped from in front of my house!”

Several hours later, another man called 911 to report he had found a woman’s body face-down outside an abandoned home. The Fulton County Medical Examiner confirmed Abdulrabm was shot multiple times.

“She does not appear to be breathing,” the man told the operator. “This is somebody’s baby.”