Born and raised in South East London, soul and reggae were always playing in Summer Banton’s home growing up and she soon developed a fascination with singers like Amy Winehouse, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Her family’s connection with music runs deep; DBE’s Dirtbike LB is her cousin and there’s a family connection to reggae icon Maxi Priest as well. 

So it was pretty much destined that she’d start making her own music one way or another and since 2019 she’s seen her efforts really starting to pay off. Her love of reggae and soul makes itself heard in every release and on her new single “Being Nice” she strengthens those elements more than ever.

At her sweetest and most melodic, there’s a harsher message buried in there, as she explains: “‘Being Nice’ is unapologetic and tells a story I’ve always been too polite to tell. I made sure to stack up on the harmonies to make the cut throat lyrics sound extra sweet and give it a classic R&B feel too.”

For the video, directed by Reece Selvadorai, the message is kept in sharp focus. Backed by a live band and singers, Summer looks directly into camera to let us know exactly what’s on her mind. Hit play at the top and the make sure you add the new track to your playlists.