At the back end of last year, p-rallel dropped off a collaboration with Fredwave and Jeshi, “Believe”, and with it the news that he was about to release a new EP. As we draw a little closer to the EP, which is tentatively slated for release mid-March via Black Butter, we’ve now got visuals for the latest single, “Get Down” with long-standing collaborator Kasien.

Having expertly side-stepped a self-sabotaging hard drive, p-rallel’s new EP looks to be shaping up quite nicely. Where “Believe” was a gently bumping piece of lo-fi club-rap, “Get Down” takes things deep underground. More of a jazzy house cut, Kasien’s vocals are chilled and soulful, but thanks to the choppy sax riff and the slight amapiano influence, there’s an intensive energy surging through it.

Tapping into that balance between the calm and laid-back energies, director Duncan Lewis starts the video with p-rallel and Kasien taking a late-night drive through the city before heading to an underground car park for a tense dance-off. The latter element came from p-rallel himself who, as you can see in the video, can cut a shape or two when he has to. “I’ve always wanted to bring back the old dance side of my life to the music I’m making now,” he explains, “And I thought this would be the best time.”

Speaking on how the track itself came together, p-rallel adds: “Me and Kasien made this song when Boris put us into the first lockdown, it was a very depressing time, but we found a way to craft it into a song about feeling free.”

Hit play on the new video at the top and then make sure you add “Get Down” to all your playlists.