Italian producer No Label is part of a burgeoning scene in Italy, blending rap, trap and glitch influences into something futuristic, but so mercurial that it’s difficult to pin down. His latest creation is “TORAZINE”, a full-bodied combination of lurching bass, experimental tweaks and vocal snippets that threaten to tip over into the uncanny valley.

The audio for the track is already out the gates and since then the producer has teamed up with directors Alex + Plex (as well as production outfit We Are Familia LTD) to create a hyperreal, futuristic 3D dreamscape that edges just into eerie territory. The aesthetic, as he explains in greater detail at the bottom, takes heavy inspiration from an underground zine and even though it went out of print before he was born, its striking imagery has embedded itself in his brain.

“‘TORAZINE’ was actually the name of an Italian underground magazine linked to the clubbing circles of the ‘90s. I have never read it (having only been born in 1999), but recently discovered its existence and was struck by its crazy aesthetic. I dedicated the name of this track to that title because I felt a closeness between the sounds of my production and the stroboscopic aesthetics of the magazine. ‘TORAZINE’ is an ethereal track that plays with a hyper-swung rhythm that evolves throughout the song. This mixes with elements derived from UK drill, arpeggiators that take up the distorted sounds, and hyper-effected vocal samples… to create a ‘wall of sound’.

Hit play on the visuals at the top and make sure you add “TORAZINE” to your playlists.