Following on from last year’s “This Ain’t Drill”, Brixton’s Dex Man is back with visuals for his latest drop, “So Deep”. Produced by Sam Cliffe and Kev, it’s a bass-heavy drill number that weaves a cautionary tale of life on the roads and how quickly things can spiral out of control.

Directed by Jake Japan, the video follows our two protagonists as they try to carve out a route to a better life. As Dex tells us in more detail below, no matter how well you plan, it’s all too easy for things to go very badly wrong.

Explaining the concept behind the track and its video, Dex told us: “‘So Deep’ is a gritty fictional drama about two individuals from different walks of life, the only thing they have in common is hardship in the areas they were raised. They both dream of making it out of their current state, one wants to work hard and the other chooses violence, which causes a war which doesn’t end well. It hits so deep.”