Following on from his 2020 introductory singles, “Squeezin’ Ya” and “Change My Tone”, rising North London talent Nippa has just dropped his latest effort, “Ride Or Die”.

Co-produced by Nippa, Elijah Melo and 6, “Ride Or Die” is a laid-back jam dipped in ‘90s R&B flavour, complete with buttery-smooth vocals for the win. But this is more than just a slice of nostalgia—despite its throwback vibe, the track still retains a modern edge thanks to its trap-leaning drum work and colloquialisms.

The accompanying visuals, directed by Faces, drops you in the middle of a lively house party, which sees Nippa casually sip from his red cup in a cool white tee, surrounded by women and his day-one homies. Faces cleverly adds a vintage camcorder-esque filter to some shots, giving the video a 2000s house party feel reminiscent of Usher, B2K and Bow Wow music vids, but again, with a modern twist.

If Nippa continues to drop quality material like this, we could have a new Brit-R&B titan on our hands soon. Peep the visuals for “Ride Or Die” above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.