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Moneybagg Yo came to the defense of his girlfriend Ari Fletcher, after the latter called out her trolls on Twitter. 

“How y’all sit up and talk about people on social media is so sad,” Fletcher tweeted. “What makes somebody comment mean sh*t for everybody to see… somebody that you don’t even know or that has done nothing to you. Y’all are miserable!!!”

It wasn’t long before Moneybagg came to Fletcher’s defense. “U beautiful inside and out,” he wrote, “and I bet da ones talkn don’t look half as better than u, u sum to talk about let em hate sumbody gotta do it fuck em.”

This isn’t the first time the couple has joined forces to fire back at their critics. Moneybagg recently celebrated his 30th birthday, and as a gift, the rapper received 28 acres of land from Fletcher, a generous act that caused the hosts of The Real to accuse her of “acting married.”

“Last year, last season, Loni [Love] and I were talking about, ‘Don’t act married if you’re not married,’” host Garcelle Beauvais said about Fletcher’s gift. “This is acting married! That’s a huge gift to someone that you’re not even married to. I feel like, if a man gave me twenty-eight acres, I would feel obligated to stay with them if it didn’t work.” 

Fletcher once again took to Twitter to respond. “Y’all don’t know the half of what he does for me mentally or financially,” she wrote. “I’ve never felt so safe, loved, spoiled and happy with a person. He loves me and my son so much. I’m sorry that you haven’t experienced a love like this. Focus on getting your own land and your husband.”

Moneybagg also chimed in, saying that "Love Is Love" and that the hosts of the real had to mind their business.