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Less than six months after dropping her debut EP Stuck In The Sky, the buzzy Dominican-American artist María Isabel has returned with a new two-song single, “Love song” and “Buy Your Own Flowers.”

Isabel took to social media Friday to celebrate the release. “Love song is out! surprise, it’s two songs 🤎 thank u so much for all the love already i could cry. so grateful to everyone that helped me bring this to life 🧸 go listen!!!!!!” she wrote in an Instagram post

Speaking on the two-song pack, the 23-year-old artist opened up about her own creative process. “This past year has been a very transitional time in my life, she said in a press release. “With so much happening around me, I realized I was focused solely on things outside of myself. Both of these songs stem from that chaos for me. They are the story of me learning how to give myself the love and attention I was giving to everything else around me, and remembering that I come first. I used to pair being alone and being lonely as identical truths, and now I feel differently and want to turn my new-found self love into music.”

Last year, Isabel earned buzz on the back of her debut single, “The 1,” which scored her a spot on Pigeons & Planes’ February 2020 Best New Artists of the Month list.

In a conversation with Complex, Isabel explained how “The 1” came to light. “The song started off as a poem I wrote about a long-distance relationship between New York and L.A. that I had to learn how to navigate within the past few years that later became this song,” she said. “The video is meant to feel like you’ve stepped into the memory of our time together with me, taking you through the scenes as I reminisce. As I’m sure many people know, long distance isn’t easy, but the biggest takeaway I’ve had is that you just make the hard parts work for people who are worth it.”

You can stream the pair of songs now on all major platforms, and stay tuned for more news regarding Isabel’s next full-length offering.