South London rapper Loyle Carner has teamed up with Afro-Guyanese poet-playwright John Agard for his latest track, “Georgetown”.

Following the release of “Hate” last month, which saw a more intense side to the typically laid-back artist of English and Guyanese descent, he continues to push the envelope as he shares a similar degree of passion in “Georgetown”, this time on a Madlib-produced beat.

A significant portion of the track sees the rhymer explore how his mixed-race identity has impacted his journey through life. The inclusion of John Agard’s renowned “Half-Caste” poem to frame the song at the beginning and end of the track informs the heartfelt sentiments shared by Loyle. In his own words, the poem “kinda gave me the permission to finally write explicitly about being mixed.” And in light of that, “Georgetown” sees him celebrate the “beauty in the gaps in-between.”