Kodak Black’s recent appearance on Zias and B.Lou’s YouTube reaction channel has some fans concerned for him.

While helping annotate his latest single “Super Gremlin,” Kodak threw the hosts off with his odd behavior, at one point claiming he was tired by saying, “like tired like he dead.” The awkward interview made the rounds on social media, as many fans wondered whether Kodak was high during the video.

“Kodak Black looking like he just went through some CIA sleep deprivation torture,” one Twitter user wrote. Another said, “Man is on another plane of existence here. Hope he has some good people around him. This shit is sad.”

The South Florida rapper added, “Dat mean ion really wanna talk or ain’t hearing what you saying forreal when I close my eyes like dat. Anways a n***a be up 18 hrs skr8 everyday grinding.”

Check out Kodak’s response below.

In a separate Twitter exchange, Black went at a user who tweeted at him with a screenshot of Google results for “Kodak Black rape charges.”

“That case terminated and ain’t have to pay nobody!!!! Everybody know I ain’t do it,” the rapper wrote, adding emojis of a middle finger and a smiley face.