G Herbo laments life’s challenges in his latest Funk Flex freestyle. The lyrical showing follows the release of his new album 25. 

Herb reflects on the hard times he had coming up before fame, having to use his hands to drink sink water because he had no clean dishes, and having to always be aware of his surroundings. Those problems have now been replaced by rose gold jewelry and exotic cars. He raps over the smooth trap-soul beat with ease, putting pressure behind every bar.

Another thing that shifted Herbo’s perspective on life was having his son. He told Complex how having Yosohn taught him that he had another life depending on him, so he has to move more carefully with everything.

“When I had my first son Yosohn, I was 22 years old, and it taught me that I couldn’t just think about myself,” he said. “I’ve got an actual life that’s depending on me, before he even knows what the world has to offer. He’s depending on me for everything. And now, that’s times two. [Herbo had his second son Essex in May]. Just the comfort that I get from holding him… When he’s crying and upset, I can just grab him, and he’ll stop crying instantly. I just want to be able to always provide that for my children. I feel like that’s my duty as a father.”

Watch G Herbo’s full Funk Flex freestyle up top.