The Hip-Hop Food Drive, organized by J Morris and Bring Ya Eh Game, is returning for its eighth edition, travelling Canada from Dec. 10 to Dec. 18 to collect non-perishable food items and raise money for eight different communities across the country.

The drive kicked off on Saturday, Dec. 10 in Vancouver and hits various cities including Calgary, Halifax, Toronto, London, Kingston, and Gatineau before wrapping up on Dec. 18 in Ottawa.

Headlining the food drive is Toronto rapper Dan-e-o and accompanying him is Calgary-based R&B artist Hart. Along with the two artists will be local artists from each city to help bring awareness to their respective communities.

“When I was 16 and was living on my own, I used to go to food banks to get my food to survive,” said J Morris, organizer of the Hip-Hop Food Drive. “I’ve always wanted to give back with music and this is the perfect way to give back with music to local food banks which played a huge part in my survival.”

In an interview with Global News Halifax, J Morris elaborated on the drive and explained how he got a number of Canadian hip hop mainstays to participate in the drive’s promotional video.

“Especially as musicians or as entertainers, it’s always important to use your platform to give back,” J Morris explained. “Any of these artists we’ve reached out to connect with, they immediately wanna help.”