After a bizarre, Twilight Zone-type misunderstanding between DaBaby and Disney JoJo Siwa, the rapper says he reached out to her to see if she could perform with him at Grammys.

“I actually reached out to see if she wanted to perform with me at the Grammys,” DaBaby said on the Grammys red carpet Sunday. “But I heard she’s somewhere working on a project of her own. I won’t say too much. I don’t want to put her business out there. She’s somewhere filming something, though, but I definitely reached out.”

DaBaby clarified that his line referencing Siwa in a freestyle over SpotemGottem’s “Beatbox” wasn’t a diss. The word “bitch” just happened to be the next word in his rap, and so from a first-listen, it could be misconstrued that he was insulting the 17-year-old. Instead, he clarified that his daughter is in fact a huge fan of Siwa’s.

Baby’s explanation didn’t stop fans from speculating about the non-existent beef, so it’s good to hear the rapper clear the air once and for all. And who knows? Maybe a DaBaby x JoJo Siwa track might slap?