Tidal Exec Doesn't Deny That a Jay Z and Beyoncé Album Is Dropping on the Streaming Service

Is it really about to happen?

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While Tidal continues to fight through their early bumps on the road, the company's greatest potential remains with its biggest stars and what they can bring to the table. The service has already rolled out a number of exclusives since their relaunch, but none would be bigger than the long-rumored Jay Z and Beyoncé joint album. Rumblings about the potential album have been blowing in the wind for quite some time, and now Tidal Senior Executive Vania Schlogel is pretty much adding fuel to the fire.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Trends, Schlogel was asked directly about the potential Hov and Bey album, and she didn't deny that it was happening, and in fact said that fans and Tidal subscribers won't be disappointed.

I don’t think we will disappoint our fans and our subscribers. I think it’s going to be really exciting, because the artists do feel like they have the ability to collaborate and work with each other. They all work as a team. The other exciting piece of it is Tidal Rising which we launched a week or two ago. Tidal Rising is us putting a spotlight on indie and emerging artists. There’s going to be continued collaborations around that too. It’s not just going to be the 16 artists on stage. It’s basically going to be a creative hub. Tidal Discovery, which will be launching within the next week, that’s going to allow any artist, signed or not, to upload their music to Tidal.

Does this mean the album is for sure happening? Of course not, but it's just another clear sign in the direction that it's a strong possibility. Check out the full interview here, and read Schlogel's full quote below.

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