Rapper Claims He Signed To Def Jam Records, Posts Hilariously Fake Contract on Instagram

The definition of hustling backwards.

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Fake it until you make it, huh? One of the beautiful by-products of Twitter is when people get caught in their lies and are then ridiculed for hours on end. And that's what just happened to a rapper that goes by the name Money Mars, who posted two photos on Instagram last night of what he says is his record contract with Def Jam Recordings. Soon after the photos, which you can see in all of their glory below, went up, Twitter began to call foul play. Let's examine:

  • First, as former Def Jam employee David Amaya pointed out on Twitter, Def Jam and Island Def Jam Music Group haven't been connected since the restructuring of the label back in April.

  • Any legal document from a major music label would know to put his name on the contract as Darrell Tate p/k/a "Money Mars."

  • Team Breezy? "Join Our Empire?"

  • Four albums? Eight Mixtapes? It's 2014, good luck getting that kind of commitment from a record label.

  • "We expect you to put out hard work." We would expect legal documents from a record company to make sense.

  • The empire, again? This is starting to sound like a Lil Wayne mixtape circa 2007.

Once Twitter had caught onto Mars' obvious lie, he continued to defend the contract based on his Twitter AVI with Nas and that he graduated from Cornell University.

Lastly, we went over to Mars' Soundcloud page, where he has a whooping 271 followers, which is just behind his 437 on Twitter. There's a few tracks and a mixtape cover where he is wearing an illustrated hood with what looks like an Illuminati Triangle on the front. Decide for yourselves.



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