Dr. Luke Is Suing Kesha's Lawyer For Implying That He Raped Lady Gaga

Kesha's lawyer implied that Luke raped Lady Gaga when she was a teenager.

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Over the past few months, a messy legal battle has taken place between Kesha, her camp and her longtime producer, Dr. Luke. The original lawsuit from Kesha claims that Luke had sexually, verbally, and emotionally abused Kesha for nearly 10 years while the two worked closely together. The very day that Kesha's lawsuit became public, Luke announced that he was counter suing her for extortion, and said that she was lying about the abuse to get out of her contract with him.

Today, reports have surfaced that Luke is now suing Kesha's lawyer for implicating on Twitter that he raped Lady Gaga when she was a teenager. The tweets initially surfaced after Gaga's recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show when she revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by a man 20 years older than her in the past. Kesha's lawyer, Mark Geragos, then tweeted "Guess who the rapists [sic] was?" When someone tweeted "Lukasz" at him, Geragos responded, "#bingo." Geragos has since deleted the tweet that said "Bingo," but the original tweet still remains on his personal page.

Following the interview with Stern, Gaga's reps sternly denied and shot down any speculation that Luke was involved. In a New York court room earlier today, Luke and his attorneys filed a lawsuit against Geragos for defamation, saying that the tweets were intended to "humiliate and severally damage Luke's public image." We will continue to update this story as the legal proceedings unfold.

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