DJ Mustard Explains His Recent Beef With YG and How They've Moved On

Mustard says he was more upset with Def Jam than YG at the time.

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YG and DJ Mustard have become one of the best rapper/producer duos in hip-hop, but even they still got into a public dispute on Instagram last month. They squashed the beef pretty quickly, and as Mustard explained in a recent interview with MTV, he and YG are ready to move on from it for good. He explains that the situation was fueled by frustrations from another incident with YG that didn't even involve Mustard directly.

During the initial drama on Instagram, Mustard revealed that he hasn't been paid for any of the work on YG's album, My Krazy Life but he clarifies that those frustrations are with Def Jam and not YG personally. “I mean, we exchanged words, but we brothers,” Mustard said. “That’s what brothers do. And then we handled it like men.”

UPDATE 1/9/2015: YG stopped by Hot 97 this morning to speak on his version of the situation, and said that though they're good now, they did get into an actual fight over the matter. "Mustard did his thing, I did my thing, ya feel me," said YG of the altercation.


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