LL Cool J Likes Kanye West "When He's Not Complaining"

LL Cool J throws shade at Kanye on Arsenio.

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LL Cool J is a fan of Kanye West ... when he stops complaining. The legendary rapper-turned-actor spoke on Arsenio about his favorite young rappers and applauded Mr. West, but only when he isn't in rant mode. "There are a lot of great artists out there...I mean, Kanye West, when he's not complaining," laughed LL.

"We'll call him during the commercial," Arsenio joked, preparing for any back lash from the comment, "and please don't run into another sign." The late night host then re-enacted Ye's famous run-in with a street sign while ducking the paparazzi with Kim Kardashian. "I wasn't there for that one," laughed LL, hiding his face with a pillow.

They got jokes.

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