David Bowie May Never Perform Live Again

Bowie is "fairly adamant" that he will not tour for The Next Day or at all.

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With this week’s news that David Bowie has a new record on the way, fans around the world have been hoping for a chance to see the glam-rock god live. According to producer Tony Visconti, though, that dream won’t be coming true anytime soon or maybe ever.

Visconti told NME, “[Bowie is] fairly adamant he’s never gonna perform live again… One of the guys would say, ‘Boy, how are we gonna do all this live? and David said, ‘we’re not’. He made a point of saying that all the time.”

So it looks like the world may never see “Where Are We Now?” and the rest of The Next Day performed live. Still, fans can look forward to hearing the recorded tracks March 12 via Iso Records/Columbia.

[via Pitchfork]

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