Premiere: HXV and Descender Announce VAVLT Records With a Banger of An OG Maco Remix

HXV and Descender are further bridging the gap between the electronic music scene and Atlanta rap.

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If there's anything you should know about the enigma known as HXV, it's a love of what they call "tasteful" electronic music and Atlanta's rap scene. The seeds have been sown for years; before heads really embraced what's know known as EDM's "trap" scene, HXV was combining vocals from Southern artists and expertly blending them with fierce electronic beats. That's grown into official features with OG Maco, remixes for Major Lazer and Flosstradamus, and a deeper appreciation for how intertwined rap and electronic music can be.

As a further extension of the VAVLT parties that HXV and Blkkmorris would throw in Atlanta, they've now linked with Descender to start VAVLT Records, which aims further expose and extend that shared universe. While HXV's been blessed with releases on Ultra, Hoodrich, and Spinnin' Records, Descender's been associated with OWSLA, voxnox, and  Mähtrasher, and shares a love of techno with HXV, who's been moving more into those circles over the last year or so. Together, they use their shared vision to further explore what makes VAVLT tick, and this remix of OG Maco's "Want More" is proof.

Instead of the thunderous trap you'd expect, HXV and Descender craft a pulsating, groovy techno bed for Maco to go ham on. You'd think it might not work–most people aren't expecting vibrant techno tracks to really work with someone flowing like Maco does, but his mania weaves in and out of this track with ease. Something for the moody, intense raves that erupt into mass hysteria at the drop of a dime... or a fire track.

VAVLT will be releasing their first official single in two weeks, but this remix is both free and an entryway into the next phase. Buckle up.

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