Complex UK Leads Grime Talk At Urban Development's Industry Takeover In October

Saturday 1st October. Save the date.


Cemented in underground youth culture, Urban Development has been at the root of some of the biggest names in the industry and investing in young talent for the last 15 years. Its flagship event that began as a monthly seminar is now an all-dayer packed full of debates, seminars, workshops and networking opportunities—connecting the music industry with creatives and emerging talents. This year, Complex UK are among a power line-up of platforms curating influential discussions, and UD are ready to push their seminars with forward-thinking and open discussions.

On Oct 1, Complex will power a talk which covers the importance of grime's independence and how the sound can continue to blossom. Can grime stay authentic while taking advantages of corporate brand sponsorships? How can acts continue to keep their sound raw without pressure to water down to go further? All of that and more will be discussed as we look at the future of the leading youth genre here in the UK.

With Complex UK's Senior Editor Joseph 'JP' Patterson, columnist Laura 'Hyperfrank' Brosnan, legendary director Risky Roadz—and a few more artists and experts we've got hidden away—we'll be debating and heading up the most up-to-date and relevant discussion that grime has had so far. Alongside other talks exploring prejudice, politics and revolution—and workshops from GRM Daily that will deliver the tools to take your creative juices to the next level—this is the one single event this year that you'll be able to throw gunfingers in the air and leave feeling inspired to go and put the work in and grab your dreams.

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