Giggs Introduces Us To 'Bossting Powers' In Flower Power "Baby" Visuals

Although a complete left turn, you couldn't imagine more fitting visuals.

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It's no secret Giggs is a bit of a movie fan and we're starting to see that come out in his visuals in bigger and bigger ways. His recent BIG BAD album was first announced with Cloverfield-esque mock news footage of a giant size Giggs stomping his way through London. Equally high-end visuals followed for lead single "187" and then just a couple of weeks ago, we got a deeply thoughtful short film based around Wamp 2 Dem tracks called The Essence.

Now he's back with another left turn as he unveils the much more light-hearted visuals for the album's second single, "Baby", produced by The Fanatix. If you've listened to the album before, you've probably already picked up on the slight Austin Powers vibe on the Hello baby hook, but the visuals take that way, way further as Giggs and co head to the 1960s for a psychedelic dance with the ladies.


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