Who Is Post Malone? The "White Iverson" Rapper Talks About Loving Country Music & Being Labeled an "Industry Plant"

The man behind "White Iverson" talks about growing up in Texas and his upcoming debut album.

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With the exception of Fetty Wap, 2015 hasn't really been all that friendly to rap's newcomers. It's to be expected though, this has been an incredible year for hip-hop mostly because many of rap's established stars, from Kendrick Lamar to A$AP Rocky, have put out incredible albums and sucked up most of the conversation. But even in the midst of so much great music from well known acts, some songs are just so undeniable they cut through all the chatter. Post Malone's "White Iverson" is one of those songs.

When it first dropped back in February we called it one of the hardest songs of the year and that still rings true in August. With it's ethereal beat and soft-spoken sing-song rapping, it's one of those songs that you might like on first listen, but it just keeps growing and growing on you. That song not only put Post Malone on the map, but it also helped him score a deal with Republic Records—not bad for a guy who was admittedly freeloading off his friends just a few months ago. We talked to the Texas rapper about moving to L.A. and making "White Iverson," how he loves country music, and his upcoming debut album. Find out, Who Is Post Malone? 

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