Who Is Justine Skye? The Brooklyn Singer Talks About Her Upcoming "Emotionally Unavailable" EP

The Brooklyn singer talks about blowing up on Tumblr, working with Tyga, and her upcoming mixtape.

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There's a new generation of kids coming up. These kids who aren't products of the late '80s like current superstars like a Kendrick Lamar or A$AP Rocky, but are products of the late '90s like Justine Skye. The difference is the younger kids can barely even recall a time before the Internet existed, so constantly being online is just apart of their life. 

Maybe that's why the 19-year-old Brooklyn singer hasn't scored any major radio smashes just yet, but she's already amassed a strong following on social media (almost 100K on Twitter and over 350K on Instagram). Last year, her song "Collide" managed to score over 1.5 million views on YouTube (a verse from Tyga and a beat from DJ Mustard certainly didn't hurt). So we expect big things from her in the future as her music matures. With her next EP Emotionally Unavailable  dropping June 23 (the date has been pushed back), we got up with the self-proclaimed Purple Unicorn to talk about why she signed to Atlantic Records, growing up in Brooklyn, and how she got up with Tyga. Find out Who Is Justine Skye? 

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