Interview: Snoop Dogg Talks "Bush," Can't Stop Talking About Pharrell

Snoop explains why his new album has so little rapping on it.

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Last week, we caught up with the legendary Snoop Dogg's to discuss his latest album, Bush. The album is set to hit stores on May 12, and as Snoop is quick to point out, it's entirely produced by Pharrell Williams. We got a chance to hear the album and are happy to report that it's a 10 track album with a cohesive sound that's reminiscent of P's 2014 album, G I R L, but features all the hallmarks of the Doggfather (weed, L.A., and many...umm...pros) but a lot less rapping than you'd think.  

We talked to Snoop about crafting an album with one producer, whether he had an hesitations about trying new ideas, and why none of the songs on the album feature three full rap verses. But mostly, we just talked about Pharrell. No matter what question we asked, Snoop always seemed to bring it back to P—going so far as to admit that the entire album was masterminded by P and his i Am Other team. But the best part was that although Snoop, who turns 44 in October, is starting to sport some grey hairs, he hasn't lost his passion for music. Just peep the impromptu clip below of Snoop rocking out to Roger Troutman's "Do It Roger" just before our interview began. 



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