Premiere: Rejjie Snow Takes a Strange Trip in Off-the-Wall "Charlie Brown" Video

Rejjie Snow delivers a unique Monica Gonzalez-Carter directed music video for his 'Dear Annie' standout "Charlie Brown," in which a visit to his girlfriend's parents' house goes horribly wrong.

Visiting the parents of a significant other is often an awkward experience, but Rejjie Snow takes that scenario to a whole new level in his new video for "Charlie Brown."

"Getting the opportunity to shoot in Mexico was really cool," he told Complex of the experience in making this video. "I worked with the director Monica before and she told me to come out there so it was amazing to make it happen. This tune is one of my favorite Republic of Loose records so it was amazing to be able to put my twist on it. The video is weird and I’ll let it speak for itself."

The Monica Gonzalez-Carter directed video for this Dear Annie standout begins with Snow visiting his girlfriend's family for dinner. Then he takes a drink of a mysterious pink drink and shit hits the fan. Grotesque human hands and feet start growing faces. Pink goo covers his face. He can't stop sweating. Honestly, this all makes me feel a lot better about last Thanksgiving at my girlfriends' house.

Coupled with the song's falsetto vocals and quirky musical pallette based on the original Irish hit by Republic of Loose, "The Steady Song," it's a pretty safe bet this is unlike anything else you'll watch today. We can always count on Snow for his originality.

In a February interview with Pigeons & Planes, the Irish rapper explained the origins of his vivid, visually-minded writing style. "I took inspiration from movies," he said. "Especially movies from the '70s. That was cool, because when I was writing it was a different type of process. It really blended itself into the sound. I was really inspired by the cities I was in—Paris in particular. It’s a place I’ve always loved. I think you can hear that in the music, too. Lots of albums I listened to, as well, like Acid Rap by Chance the Rapper. And Queen."

Watch the premiere of Rejjie Snow's "Charlie Brown" video above and continue for the rest of Dear Annie on Spotify below.

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