A Band Member of Eagles Of Death Metal Was Not Killed in Hostage Situation at Bataclan Theater (UPDATE)

Reports say the person has not been identified yet.

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UPDATE 11/18/15: Eagles of Death Metal just released a statement on the attacks in Paris, and while they confirmed all members of the band are home safe, they're still in shock from the events. All of their shows are now on hold for further notice while the band regroups. 


UPDATE (10:44 PM): According to NBC News, the band's manager confirmed that every member is safe. "The band's manager told NBC News that none of the members of the band were among the roughly 100 people that French authorities said were killed."

See original story from 11/13/15 below.

MSNBC has reported that one band member of Eagles of Death Metal was killed during a deadly hostage situation at the Bataclan in Paris. According to several tweets, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow shared information from a correspondence who was on the ground in France.

.@MSNBC reporting one member of Eagles of Death Metal was killed.
Rachel Maddow on #msnbc says there MAY BE one band member dead. Still unconfirmed though.
NBC’s Rachel Maddow walks back earlier report Eagles of Death Metal band member was killed in Paris attack - report is not true, she says

In a new report on NBC Philadelphia, two members of the band’s crew confirmed to a NBC News reporter that one member from EODM was killed from the terrorist attack. It is unclear which member was murdered.

In that same report, it shared details about Eagles of Death Metal’s performance at the Bataclan. They were performing on stage at the time of the attack when several gunmen holding automatic weapons began firing at fans. Then, they held hundreds of people hostage.

When French police came and raided the venue, it has been reported that the death toll was at least 100.

It is believed that all attackers involved in shootings and bombings around Paris are dead, according to police officials.

Complex reached out to the management team of Eagles of Death Metal to clarify if one of the members was killed during the attack. We will update this story as it develops.

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