Lil Yachty Celebrates His 19th Birthday With New Music

Lil Yachty celebrates his 19th birthday by releasing new music and merch.

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In celebration of his 19th birthday, Lil Yachty has come through with several gifts for his fans: new music and new merch.

Atlanta rapper went on Twitter Tuesday to announce the release of his Birthday Mix, which includes a handful of new tracks.

"This is Lil Boat, it’s my motherfucking birthday" he says in the intro. "So, I made this mix of fucking old shit, new shit, just some shit so you can fucking listen to it."

Lil Yachty (who's performing at the inaugural ComplexCon in November) also posted a new T-shirt design that features a throwback portrait with the words "B4 DA BOAT" underneath. As of now, it comes in red, blue, yellow, and black colorways for $35.

You can check out the mix below. To purchase the new merch, as well as the pieces from the previous drop, go to Lil Yachty's official website


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