PROMO: Honda’s ‘Uncharted’—Karol G is the Best Colombian Singer You’ve Never Heard Of

Karol G is becoming a musical sensation—for the second time.

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Many people come to America in search of a better life. But for singer Karol G, life is already pretty fantastic in her home country of Colombia. As one of her nation’s most revered singers, Karol has carved out a remarkable career for herself, and she is still only 25 years old. She's fulfilling not only her dreams, but those of her father, who always fantasized about becoming a singer himself.

Once Karol released her first songs, she quickly rose to the top of the Colombian charts. But now she wants to expand her presence to the United States, where she’s essentially a complete unknown. That means, she must embark on the daunting journey to superstardom all over again. Not many people have the stamina to pay the dues necessary to establish a music career, and even fewer have the chops to do it twice. But Karol G does, and with the help of music producer Motif and her manager Alex Rodriguez (no relation), she has started making waves in America. It’s tough finding success and fame here, but given Karol’s track record, we wouldn’t bet against her. 

For more on Karol G’s quest to conquer the American musical dream, check out the latest chapter of Uncharted in the video above, presented by Honda.

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