South London artist Severin Glance first caused a stir with his edits of rap and pop music, reframing hits from Rihanna, Mz Bratt and Cardi B as atmospheric, twisted and often caustic club experiments. Now moving into new (but connected) territory, he recently announced the imminent arrival of his debut album, Caveat, which he'll be releasing tomorrow, October 16, via Precious Metals. 

We got the first look at the album with "Reign" earlier in the month and now we have a second with "Sayal". His knack for moody and atmospheric textures still dictates much of the sound, but there's a more pronounced club element here. Although still centered around a chilling atmosphere created with ominous synth pads, "Sayal" is pushed forward by a jumpy drum pattern and a vocal sample that's equal parts sweet and haunting. Whatever else the album has in store for us tomorrow, it won't be boring.

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