South African musician/dancer Moonchild Sanelly is already well known on her home turf for her larger-than-life personality and a sound that while influenced by gqom, is still worlds apart from it. It should come as no surprise then that given such unique output she's become an increasingly sought-after collaborator — the likes of Damon Albarn, Beyoncé and Wizkid have all queued up to work with her in the past.

Moonchild Sanelly's new single, "Bashiri", is probably the most potent example of her creativity yet, combining the galloping rhythms of gqom, but adding a full-bodied rave sound beneath her hypnotic vocals. Backed by a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic visual, the Johannesburg artist tells a tale warning of the snake oil salesmen that often hide behind faith to take advantage of the people. Although not the usual subject matter for such a club-ready track, it's another reason why she's becoming so widely tipped around the world.

Speaking with Complex over email, Moonchild Sanelly told us: "'Bashiri' is a song inspired by a woman's testimony in a church where the pastor is treated like a god whilst monetising religion. People pay for 'miracle oil' whilst the pastor lands at the service in a helicopter, being treated like God himself despite taking money from his congregation. This song is from the perspective of a Bashiri disciple whose husband was cheating; in the song, she's lamenting her relationship and takes her husband to her pastor, who promises that he can perform this miracle to make her husband faithful — which is ridiculous because infidelity is not solved through prayer and tithing."

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