After making his debut last year with a handful of well-received singles, chief amongst them the "Jean (Demo)", London-based singer Freddie Long has spent every day since then maintaining that momentum. His latest single "White Water" is his latest offering and it comes complete with a set of moody, cinematic visuals courtesy of director Steve Glashier. A heartbreaking soul sound of the Maverick Sabre variety, but with a rousing and dramatic edge, "White Water" still carries the same chart potential of his past offerings but with an even more intense quality. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Long explained: "'White Water' is a void of emotion. There's a certain person in your life that becomes your rock when you need them the most. Through shit times, lonely moments they're there for you. Through all this hope there's always you're past experiences, vices, and temptations creeping in, trying to pull you back down. 'White Water' references the unsteady current of water within a rapid, unstable current that makes the frothy water appear white. Uncertain and fierce."