Nadeska, Wayno, and DJ Akademiks welcomed Kevin and Dreka Gates on the latest episode of Everyday Struggle.

During the show, the crew covered a range of topics, including rumors that Dreka is pregnant. In a since-deleted Instagram video post from late December, Kevin kissed Dreka's belly and mentioned she's “got something in the slow cooker.”

“That’ll show you how the internet is,” Kevin said at the 32:15 mark of the episode, reacting to the speculation that bubbled up. “I said she doesn’t have a bun in the oven. She got somethin’ in the slow cooker. She had drunk a lot of water and her stomach was sticking out. I say she ain’t got nothin’ in the oven, she got somethin’ in the slow cooker.”

Later, when asked if they could have kids in the future, Kevin responded, “I could see it.”

At one point during the sit-down, Gates addressed his alleged ban from Louisiana prisons, claiming it was "fake news." Several outlets reported last year that the rapper was prohibited from the facilities after he was photographed at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center with a wad of cash.

"Why wasn't any of the contraband confiscated, if it was money? It wasn't money. You gotta confiscate it. Possession is nine-tenths of the law," he said, claiming whatever he had in his hands wasn't money. "That's speculation. You around some of the most talented people in the world. They can take napkins and a paper fan and make it look like a hundred dollar bill ... I ain't gonna say what it was but it wasn't money."

He continued: "I have a movement coming out where we do breath work with people that's incarcerated, called Rehabilitation for Gangstas, and I'm still allowed in the prison systems ... What they call that? Fake news."

Kevin also talked about his moments of low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts, touching on the incident where he attempted to shoot himself. “I was possessed. I was trying to die,” he said. “Such a beautiful life, such a beautiful soul. Look at what you mean to the world—why you wanna die, Kevin? I was possessed. Always feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Low self-esteem, those are spirits. Those are low-vibrating spirits.”

He added, “I didn’t want to be here anymore. … I had more money than probably anybody my age ever had. I just wasn’t happy.”

Much of the conversation was based around the history, practice, and spirituality of New Orleans voodoo culture, which inspired Kevin’s new music video, “Fatal Attraction.” The visual treatment was written by Dreka. “She built me,” Kevin said of Dreka. The couple have shared a 12-year relationship. “Without a strong woman in your corner, a man lacks stability. He’s handicapped.”

Kevin also announced that he’s dropping a new album later this year, titled Kaza.