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As we all know, battle rap is supposed to be offensive. But can lines be crossed? Boosie Badazz seems to think so.

The Louisiana native spoke about the viral footage of a rap battle featuring a white rapper being punched in the mouth by his black opponent for calling him a "n**ga."

"It's probably just a bad situation for him," the "Wipe Me Down" rapper told TMZ. "I done had white, close white friends call me 'my n**ga, you know. You can't do that in certain situations. You gotta know how to say that word. In a battle rap, you dissin'. In a battle rap, it's different. It's aggression."

Boosie said the black battle rapper did the right thing by punching the other rapper, identified as William Wolf, in the face. "They was supposed to bust him in his shit, they did the right thing," Boosie said. "If you were trying to be derogatory with it, like you was trying to be offenseful with it, and that's something that you can't do being who you are. That's why it happened."

Wolf was apparently warned by his opponent not to say the N-word at any point in the battle, after Wolf says "and you told me what not to say, now, I'ma say it." 

He continued, setting up the bars for the eventual altercation. "I ain’t like these other battle rappers, they talk too much. Saying I can’t say the N-word in this battle," and then he says "my n***a," which sparked the physical moment.

Wolf has spoken out about the incident, saying he's going to fall back from the battle rap scene for a while. "Shit got broken up. To me, it's not that deep," he explained. Maybe that's for the best.