If, somehow, you're not familiar with Berlin-based producer and vocalist Sky Deep, than now is absolutely the time to get in board. An avowed advocate for both the LGBTQ+ community, POCs in the music industry and for the recognition of gender fluidity, Sky Deep's talents aren't restricted to the studio and it's pretty difficult to work out where she finds the time for it all.

Regardless, she does, and today we've got the titular track from her new EP, Yes I Did (dropping this Thursday, June 20) and it's a powerful club number. Taking cues from Detroit techno, classic rap, electro, house music and more, "Yes I Did" is a shining example of Sky Deep's joyous disregard for genre classifications. In fact, the producer has been keen to point out the parallels between gender fluidity and genre fluidity, because nothing in life is ever as clear cut as these arbitrary definitions would have us believe.

So, with all that said, hit play below and make sure you're playing it through only the biggest of bass bins because this one really and truly thumps and ear buds are never going to do it justice.

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