DaBaby continues to channel his inner Suge Knight. In his latest video, the rapper calls back on a time when Death Row Records was at its peak by putting his own spin on the "Dre Day" visual

For the first half of the video, DaBaby puts together a story that goes along with "Carpet Burn's" sexually charged lyrics. But, as the song transitioned from "Carpet Burn" to "Deal With It," DaBaby decided to use this video as the perfect opportunity to further humiliate his foes. Similar to the "Dre Day" video, DaBaby has an impersonation of his rival make a cameo to only get beat up again.

DaBaby's video differs in a few ways. First, instead of hiring a comedian to play his opps, DaBaby embodied the man himself. Second, unlike the events depicted by the mock Eazy-E, DaBaby's video was more of a reenactment inspired by a true story. In May, DaBaby went viral for an altercation he had with a rival rapper. Just like in the music video, rapper Cam Coldheart was antagonizing DaBaby while he was shopping at a Louis Vuitton store. Eventually, DaBaby got fed up and decided to take thing into his own hands. This resulted in a fight that left Cam Coldheart bloody and without pants.